Portfolio of Work


Sound Design

My primary focus is in Sound Design. After many years experience as an engineer, I studied the art of sound design for theatre at Columbia College Chicago where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Theatre, Design. I always strive to make any sound design a complete audio-scape; minding subtle noises, and pushing sound reinforcement over an entirely mixed or amplified sound.



I once upon a time believed I wanted to be a lighting designer for all the flash and flare that it has to offer. Aside from lighting for theatre I have also worked on many lighting installations and renovations. In this time I have primarily dealt with conventional and L.E.D. fixtures but have some limited experience with moving lights. I am mostly familiar with E.T.C. consoles. Although I focus most of my time on audio now, I’m very familiar with the principles and concepts of lighting design for theatre and live entertainment.


Scenic Design and Model Making

I have done some limited scenic design and have also created designs for unrealized works. I am experienced in drafting by hand and enjoy model making for other set designers. I am a skilled model maker and enjoy the tedious process of creating detailed models by hand.


Corporate Audio/Visual

I worked in house, corporate audio/visual for 4 1/2 years, between two different major companies. In that time I worked as an audio engineer, lighting technician and down rigger on an almost daily basis. I was often required to do basic and advanced setup of lighting, audio, video, and projection equipment. I was also frequently needed to interact with clients on behalf of the service provider or company.